Slavic Digital Humanities from Below

October 27, 2018

A Slavic and East European Blog Series on the Practices and Theories of Digital Methods As digital humanities enters the academic mainstream, scholars have become interested in the epistemological, ethical, ideological, and political dimensions of its contributions to literary and cultural studies. Often missing in these conversations, however, are the voices of the practitioners of […]



December 7, 2017

If you say the word SEELANGS to a Slavist, they will most likely respond by rolling their eyes. SEELANGS is a listserv used by our academic discipline to circulate all kinds of useful information and ask questions ranging from inquiries about Russian grammar to the accessibility of the Moscow Metro for wheelchair users. But SEELANGS […]


Automatic Transliteration in Open Refine

September 13, 2017

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I love using Open Refine for my data cleaning. For my project Soviet Journals Reconnected, I wanted to add transliterated names to my database. Transliterating by hand is out of question. For a while, I used a somewhat inconvenient Python script I had come up with. But even for […]


Soviet Journals Reconnected in Moscow

August 18, 2017

After a year of intensive work on my digital humanities project, it’s time to branch out. This is what I really love about digital humanities: it allows me to present my scholarship with greater immediacy than a journal article can provide – although I currently have an essay about the project under review and writing […]